We Have a Team of Coaches Ready To Guide You For Quick Results

Why would you need a health coach?

At Love 4 Life Wellness, our coaches are trained to provide you with a personalized, one-of-a-kind approach to turn around your health.

If you are struggling to get better control of your health, we have several wellness offerings customized for your unique needs. 


With our team of coaches, you get one-on-one individualized attention as we approach your greatest concerns about your health. We provide positive, compassionate, trustworthy care and service to you. Together we address your wellness needs and formulate a plan that fits your life and your goals. Having that accountability is beneficial to keep you focused and on track.

Our team consists of Nutritional Health Coach Melesha and Nurse Coaches Leshia, will go over your medical history and read the results of your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with Coach Melesha. 

Each session will leave you inspired and motivated while exploring various aspects of your life as we talk about things beyond food, such as Relationships, Careers, Spirituality, Joy, Socialization. 

Addressing these issues helps balance what's important in your life.  We desire to see you achieve optimal wellness. So we carefully guide you to make simple and small changes that will transform your life with real, lasting, life-long results.

 Clients Are;

  • Taking Control of Their  Diabetes
  • Lowering  High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  • Sleeping Better
  • More Energetic
  • Managing Weight
  • Controlling Cravings for Sugar and Salty Foods
  • Experiencing Better Clarity and Mental Focus
  • De-Stressing
  • Eating For Health

Your coaches will listen intently as you navigate healthier lifestyle options that are right for you. This is not a one size fits all approach.  You deserve to be treated as an individual and have your special needs met. That's what we do. You are special and unique, and our job is to help the unique you emerge. 


The L.E.T. Go System

A systemic approach to LIVE your best life, EAT incredible foods that will TRANSFORM you from the inside out.

There are Nine (9) keys Of the LET Go System that lead you to success:

Accountability, Mindset, Transformation, Prayer, Scripture, Lifestyle, Food, Movement, and Self-Care.

Coach Melesha Bailey created the System to offer a variety of wellness options to meet your needs.

You'll start with a Free consultation and select what's best to fit your individual needs.       

Learn More About the 9 Keys to Wellness

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

We start here to take the guesswork out of knowing your body's unique needs.

A Hair Analysis uses special techniques to look closely at the hair under a microscope.  The results can show details about your health and habits. 

A-One of A Kind Nutritional Health Coaching System. 

View a Copy of the HTMA Report

Monthly Membership

$27 Per Month

Monthly Coaching Courses

$27 Per Month

New Topic Each Month

Weekly Facebook Lives

Weekly Zoom Group Coaching

Downloadable Workbooks Each Month

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Monthly Membership

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis


Virtual or In-Person

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Results Call

Mineral Balancing Supplement Suggestions 

2 Additional  Coaching Sessions

Discounts to Workshops and Events


HTMA Test & Results

LET Go-Quick Fix


Virtual or In-Person

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Results Call

Mineral Balancing Supplement Suggestions 

Four Coaching Sessions  

Dietary Suggestions

Downloadable Workbook and Handouts 

Email Follow-Up

Discounts to Workshops and Events

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LET Go-Quick Fix

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