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LIVE-EAT-Transform: Let Go and Let God transform your health to be a vessel for His Glory.

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Ladies, are you struggling to feel like you have control of your body?  Are your blood sugars, weight, and stress giving you the blues? Do you feel like you are in an uphill battle with no end in sight, praying for help? Are you ready to face these frustrations head-on and allow God to transform your health, your mind, body, and spirit once for all?

"The LET Go System" Monthly Membership can help you relieve your struggles quickly and easily so that you can control your blood sugars, manage your weight and stress without feeling deprived.  You will start to feel better in all areas of your life. You'll regain your health with a step-by-step process for quick results.

Taking you from Superficial to Supernatural Transformation that will last forever.

Hi there. I'm Melesha

Why I created The LET Go System Membership.

Many years ago, I was a mess mentally and physically dealing with my health issues. When I was diagnoses as pre-diabetic, I knew enough was enough. I needed something before it was too late.

I created theLET Go System's monthly membership to provide you with access to practical resources that are easily accessible, and affordable. 

You can experience guidance and accountability so that you will have the tools to start feeling better quickly.   You don't have to be sick, you can feel better, and this monthly membership will help you do that, quickly with no tricks or gimmicks.

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Monthly Membership Features

New Themes Introduced

On the first Sunday of every month, in the membership area, a new topic will be released.  You will have four sessions on the subjects for the month.  Log in to access your course for to receive your materials and study at your own pace. You will download a workbook to keep you on track. 

Downloadable Materials

Each month you'll receive a downloadable blueprint for success guide that is yours to keep. Each month will feature simple strategies that are easy to implement for lifelong success so that you will see results quickly.

Weekly Facebook and Zoom Group Sessions

You will receive weekly live Facebook sessions that focus on giving you guidance and instructions focused on that month's topic.  Zoom Group Coaching is your time to ask questions and have personal access to your coach. 

Are you ready to have the freedom of good health?

Take control of your health right now.  A monthly coaching membership provides you with the tools to manage your diabetes, weight, and stress associated with the feeling like you are in a losing battle.  Your membership features monthly comprehensive wellness strategies, Zoom coaching sessions with Coach Melesha, a private Facebook group,and an online course that is simple to implement at your own pace.  

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Now is the time to live your best life today, happy, healthy, and whole.


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